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The Connected Store


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Dominik Brokelmann

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Consumer behaviour is rapidly changing and we are doing more and more of our purchasing online. Amazon & Co. are have a devastating effect on traditional “bricks-and-mortar” retail. It is small and medium retailers as well as buying cooperatives, and their respective landlords, who are raising the alarm. The book “The Connected Store” demonstrates why consumers have started combining online and of ine channels a long time ago, and how “bricks-and-mortar” retail needs to adapt in order to stay relevant. The author debunks the myth that only the large “pure play” online retailers can successfully offer e-commerce. Using the retailing of wireless devices as a case study, Dominik demonstrates how truly “connected” stores can compete on a local and regional level with the e-commerce giants, and how consumers will bene t from the combination of online and of ine retailing. Angaben zur Person: Dominik Brokelmann ist Gründer und CEO der Brodos group.

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